The Travel Guide to a 'Hip Africa'

Planning a trip to a country in Africa, not centered on a safari, can be quite difficult. Most of the go-to travel guides provide little to no information about these blossoming tourist destinations or offer the very one dimensional "Africa Safari Experience". 

Hip Africa is providing an alternative.

Hip Africa aims to be the ultimate guide for "the best spots to eat, sleep and play in Africa’s most sought after destinations". HA now features Lagos (Nigeria), Accra (Ghana), Dakar (Senegal), Nairobi (Kenya) and Johannesburg (South Africa). It is a bit sparse now but the site plans to expand in the near future adding Abidjan (Ivory Coast) , Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Cape Town (South Africa), Marrakech (Morocco) and Maputo (Mozambique). 

For new travellers to the continent, the site provides a brief introduction to each country and travel tips, while assuaging any fears that you will be killed by a militia or catch Ebola. However, the target audience  appears to be the well travelled adventurer, the Afropolitan, the #TravelNoire user, and the business person.  

The site highlights a carefully curated selection of hotels - luxury and boutique, 'hip spots' - which include museums, cultural spots, restaurants, shopping, and clubs, and lastly practical advice. The 'hip spots' highlight each city's' unique culture like Lagos' New Afrika Shrine and Dakar's Village des Arts. Under 'features' you can find other tidbits like where to get the best fabric or the best surf spots in Morocco.

Hip Africa adds to the narrative. It offers you a guide into cities full of creative energy and possibilities - not just zebras. 

Chariese ElizabethComment