This is a space to recognize and delve into the varied and expansive experiences of those hailing from the African continent and its diaspora.

We live in such an innovative and connected time, yet our narrative remains stagnant and segmented. Pan Afrique serves as an attempt to broaden and at times counter the consistent narrative of violence, disease, poverty, or simple disregard. This is a narrative, to our detriment, we have grown to believe. Our history is more than slavery and oppression and our stories aren’t relegated to ghettos, council estates, slums and favelas.

Pan Afrique seeks to acknowledge the diversity and expansiveness of Africa and the diaspora while also recognizing the common thread that links us. Now we aren’t saying pick a Yoruba name and don a dashiki.  We simply encourage a better dialogue, breaking through the stereotypes and misconceptions, learning from one another, and perhaps building a future where black lives truly matter from Peru to Russia.