Listen: Gallant Pulls his 'Weight in Gold'

In a world obsessed with tidily placing people in boxes and genres, Chris Gallant is a problem.

He is black and sings, therefore, the obvious box is R&B, yet he doesn't quite fit. The Industry claims an artist needs to fit into these tidy categories for marketing purposes.

In NYC he was told to make it he needs to learn to fit.

“People had an idea of what R&B artists or pop artists usually say,” Gallant says, “which was like, ‘Talk about sex, talk about partying, and be positive, don’t be too much of a downer.’”

He didn't.

He moved back in with his parents and then cross-country to SoCal.  From there things began to take off. He produced the EP Zebra and with intense internet marketing it landed in the right hands. Now Gallant has a team behind him who are less concerned with genres. 

But have no fear we created a box for him anyway. He can join FKA Twigs in the Alt R&B box.