On Repeat: You Don't Know What You Do to Me

In April, Shakka released a visual to accompany his song "You Don't Know What You Do to Me".

The visual, a flirtatious and engaging dance between Shakka and a young woman clad in an african tribal costume, is as refreshing as the song.  Shakka describes it as "infatuation with a girl from the perspective of an average guy. There is no bravado, crotch holding, or testosterone-driven confidence." He continues, "I thought it fitting to shoot a video that was simply about the boy, the girl, and the music. It's like someone once said 'Beauty doesn't ask for attention'." 

"You Don't Know What You Do to Me" is the second track and single from Shakka's concept EP The Lost Boys.  The album was released in October but if you've yet to hear it - better late than never.  

Over a mix of garage and R&B the British singer/songwriter delves into society's addiction to technology, our chain to an unfulfilling 9 to 5, and questioning if "you forgot you were alive".  Despite the heaviness of Shakka's lyrics, he never allows them to weigh the music down.  

Cinematic skits, focusing on Shakka and his blokes, punctuate the album with sounds of boots marching, the whirring of machines, and authoritative chanting reminiscent of The Giver. To offer a bit of humanity and humor we also hear the banter amongst Shakka and his friends as they survive the dreariness or even attempt to escape it. 

Shakka recounts his inspiration as a "BT Infinity advert that was like ‘yes, let’s binge watch Netflix this weekend' and it's from 6pm on the Friday until Sunday night when they have to go to work. I’m looking at this advert like, is this real life?". 

Put this EP on while following Shakka's advice:  Live in airplane mode and trying to discover things that we didn’t create but that help keep us human.