On Repeat: Jacob Banks

The Birmingham born, London based singer/songwriter/musician Jacob Banks has soul beyond his 24 years, but that is to be expected with musical influences like Fela Kuti, Daddy Showkey, Al Green and Sam Cooke. His voice has a depth and bit of rawness that can add life into any song e.g. Coldplay's Magic or a mashup of Stay and B***h, Don't Kill my Vibe.

But it's not just his voice that will move you - it's his lyrics too.

In Grace he vows there "ain't no rule I won't break to bring my lover back home" and I believe him.  Banks explains the song further stating it's "about the pushes and pulls of being a man and learning how to deal with situations," and "Choosing between being graceful or being a monster, finding a silver lining between love and war." 

He recently released his second EP entitled The Paradox.  Take a listen or several listens.

Favorite? Definitely Monster.